It's baaccckkkk! Z. Midnight!!!

bihai(zone 9)June 9, 2004

My Zingiber Midnight that I thought was toast planted out in the ground has returned! Its coming back up at the same time as Zingiber Milky Way, the Kaempherias and the globbas. I guess this means its at least hardy for one season of freezes, will have to see how many winters it holds out in the ground.

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It is awesome when things like this happen: almost like the birth of a child.....

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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

Bihai, mine started coming back about six weeks ago or so. Of course, it is a bit warmer here than in your neck of the woods. It is still fairly small.


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I'm in St pete and my Z. Midnight never went dormant. But in the last 5 weeks, its put out a lot of new growth.
When do they put out a bloom??

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DirtyFingernails(AL 8)

My midnight has been up for about 2 weeks. I'm in Mobile, AL, zone 8b/9a. The rhizomes that I wintered in the greenhouse have only been up for about 1 week. Plan to put all of it in the ground this year.

Hopefully next year I'll be screaming....'It's everywhere!'


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Well no sign of life in my midnight - I thought maybe it would still come back because just last week my ground orchids that I thought I'd lost suddenly decided to wake up and shown signs of life - so I will never plant in ground again. The midnight I have will be kept in a pot and transferred to greenhouse during those cold months.

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Regina - great news - had a moment to look over beds today and low and behold my midnight is coming back - it is only about 3 inches now but has broken thru the mulch and is reaching for the sky!!!!!! I can't believe it.

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