Guess what I bought? Guess, Guess

butterfly4uOctober 17, 2012

Yes everyone!

I bought a red tea olive!

I went to Nurseries Carololina and bought one!

It's a couple feet tall already.

Then this morning I ran down to my local nursery and

bought some good Fafard soil for it, and potted it up.

Now, if I can just get it to bloom next spring...

See pics

I HAD to buy it.

They had orange, but then I saw the red and thought to myself, I REALLY want a red one.

Will keep you updated on this one.

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Well, I'll be..You beat me to it!

I have been longing to get for since the thread wa started about them.
Is that the one gallon size? Is that the 'Reblooming one', or the one that blooms once a year?
It's a good size if so. I love it.

I am happy for you and hope all is well:-)


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Butterfly, good choice. Congrats on your new collection. Keep us informed on the scent when it flowers.
I was looking at couple of red and orange ones online. I was very tempted ,actually I already selected and put them in the cart. The price is reasonable but the shipping cost killed the deal.

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i'm wondering why you have to grow it in a container.
aren't you in south carolina?
i am also in zone 8 and i cut an 18' tall o. fragrans down that was growing near the carport so i know they can take some snow and hard freezes.
maybe this red-flowered one is more tender?
my white-flowered one never showed signs of cold damage.

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Jeff does have valid point here. AS far as I know, I have seen both type grow in same general area where winter time temperature below zero for couple weeks or so, with ice and snow in the ground. they can take some cold unless this one is very cold sensitive. It will grow much large and has a LOT more flowers... Boy, the air smells heavenly.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

According to, the "red" one would be Osmanthus fragrans aurantiacus 'Beni Kin Mokusei'.

I had been waiting for 2 or 3 years for them to post pictures of flowers. I guess they are not quite there yet.

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I just did some red Osmanthus search. Here what I found. There are at least 5 type of red Osmanthus under category of DanQui( Red Osmanthus).
Each is different but I only compare attributes that Osmanthus nuts in this forum care about the most. Here is the picture 1) Flower color: Orange red. International Registered color : 25A. Vigorous grower and bloomer, but flowers only last 7 days. None fruit. Flower scent: light fragrant

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This is the second:
This one flower color is orange red. International registered color is 24A. Flower last few days long than others. Flower scent is medium fragrant. has fruit. above average flowers amount when blooms.

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The third:
An old timer. Has been in China for thousands of years. International registered color is 28B. beautiful darker orange red. Flower scent: light fragrant. but scent is very different than other. More flowers opens at the same time.

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This one , international registered color is 30C, much darker and more red than previous mentioned. Fragrant. no fruit.

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The last one and the best. International registered color is 28A. Dark orange red and very fragrant flowers, and a lot of flowers!! When it is in full bloom, all you see is red color. the best for container grow.

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Wow, the Osmanthus, especially red, is gorgeous...I've never heard of red or orange. Beautiful! Toni

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)


Do you know the cultivar name for the last one? I think it's Champion Red? I have heard of DanGui but am new to 5 types of DanGui category. I have the Chinese osmanthus book but it's in the storage room. I'd have to wait 6-8 weeks before we move into the new house to look through. :(

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)


It looks very healthy! I have 7 different osmanthus plants in containers waiting to be planted at the new house! Have fun with your new red osmanthus plant! :)

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Thanks everyone!
I already have 5 in the ground and they are getting really big, but they are regular white and the fundzui- the one that blooms all sumer, by the way, he had that too.
I really wanted an evergreen bush to provide a little privacy onn my driveway, which is stoned, but is visible to the street.
When I saw this red sweet olive, or what most people call tea olive, I thought it would be nice to use that, it is evergreen, and I can move it if I want.
So, as it grows, it will be my privacy shrub.
(I really should get something else too, the drive is wide).
Lou, I totally hear you on taking your shrubs with you, I would do the same thing!
The grower hasn't seen it bloom yet. They have a big one,and they grow them from cuttings, but their red hasn't bloomed yet.
So, the challenge will be to see when it blooms.
it may take a while, but I will wait.
The white bloom young, you never know, I may get lucky and it may bloom next year. You never know....
I will post a pic here, you can count on that.

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Hi, Lou. I don't know the U.S name of these osmanthus plants. But these are all registered plants I think. Anyone sales here without license would be a problem. I can send you the web site if you read Chinese.

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