Etlingera species

ton2(Holland)June 23, 2012

Hallo Gingerlovers

I have a question. In my greenhouse is now flowering the Etlingera elatior,the red one. what a beauty. I love this one so much, that I am searching now other colours. There is a White and Pink flowering one. Perhaps also other ones , that I do not know.

There are also other species, very nice ones, such as venusta, coccinea etc.

Can some one help me with seeds, or a little rhizome?

Or does some one know where I can get/buy these Etlingera's?

Thank you very much.

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They're certainly a beautiful plant. I have the red and the white. Would have thought there was everything in Holland already when it comes to plants. Have you tried Ebay, they're sometimes available there. I've seen them on some Asian plant sites before but can't remember the names. Good luck with your search.

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