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ritaweedaMay 22, 2010

You might be able to help me since you stated in another post that you are an arborist. I live in the middle of the woods just South of Brooksville. The predominating native trees here are mostly Long-Leaf Pine, Water Oak, Sweet-Gum, with a few others mixed in. Clay-base soil, some areas constantly wet in the summer (too wet, in fact.) Yet there have been times of serious drought. Anyway, I've noticed that in many of the older, taller trees the tops die out. Both pines and water oaks. Is this due to the extremes in water levels? Even the drier areas have this problem. There is also a lot of mistletoe in the oaks. I have no intentions of treating these trees as there are hundreds, but is this a natural occurrence that I shouldn't be concerned about? Some of the pines are very tall and I'd hate to see them die off. By the way, the area used to be farmed for timber until the pine-beetles settled in and it couldn't be farmed any longer, but I wouldn't think that would be the problem with the oaks.

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

Rita, that was in "another life", almost forty years ago....Odd that the tops die out, you'll need to talk to your County Extension office about what is happening in your area. Mistletoe won't hurt anything, it's the norm here.
Sorry I can't help you more.


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