Who ships in winter?

mwedzi(chicago)October 19, 2004

So who ships in winter? I know Rob's does. Anybody else?

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Cabarb(Z 9- Fresno, CA)

Hmmm....I seem to remember one I looked at recently did. Give me a few minutes!!

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Barb sent me an email to let me know Bloomin Jungle also ships year-round. Thanks for the info. That means they have real winter shipping, right? That their plants will actually be packed to insulate from the cold? Or that they just ship year-round and if you order from a place where you're too cold to be getting plants, they'll just arrive frozen on your doorstep? I'll have to check their website out again.

I think Logee's sorta delivers year-round. I remember them saying something like they will ship when your area stays above 38 degrees for several consecutive days, I think.

Barb, in order to post again to a thread you just posted to, you have to change the "subject" line of your post. It won't let you post twice to the same thread with the same subject in just a few minutes of each other.

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I've had no problems receiving from Logees during the winter. Lauray's of Salisbury is still shipping. She has a large collections of gesneriads.

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Yeah, I received a package from Logee's in the winter, too, and it arrived fine. but they did have to wait until it was above 38 or so degrees consistently. So my order to them was delayed by about a month. It gets pretty cold here in Chicago.

Rob's insulation for shipping is really outstanding. They have that thick, soft, wall insulation stuff, and they often double wrap plants.

I'll have to check out Lauray's. Thanks!

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