Kohleria entering dormancy or something else?

Ceropegia00October 17, 2012

In the past 2 months or so growth on most of my kohleria has become somewhat odd. I think they might be entering dormancy, but I'm not sure. Many of them have slowed in growth, or have gotten very small, tight bunchy growing tips with many dense small leaves. This is a change from the usual larger, more spread-out leaves I am used to. I realized some of them were being overwatered (the plantlets at the base of the leaf nodes started growing into stalks) so I cut back some on watering, but even the ones I didn't water too much are slow.

Is this a sign the kohleria are entering dormancy? I repotted a few of the rhizomes and some of them sprouted (I did the same thing with my Achimenes, and one of those rhizomes sprouted as well), but the growth on those is also slow and small. Nothing has changed with these plants in terms of light, feeding, potting media, etc.

Any insight?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Do not restart Achimenes - it is time to put it down for the winter.

Harvest your Kohleria rhizomes, put them in a baggie with humid vermiculite and keep it in a lighted place. When it start hatching - pick the biggest and strongest rhizomes and plant them near surface 3-5 per pot.

There is good chance they will regain the vigor.


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