Jasmine sambac rooting in water

mehitabel(z6 MO)October 11, 2010

Hi, all. In case someone is interested, a branch of a Jasmine sambac Grand Duke I put in a vase several weeks ago has two tiny new quarter-inch roots. A very nice surprise.

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Thats just awesome!!! How long did it take?? Did you change the water periodically? What kind of water did you use?

I've been trying to root a branch in water now for almost 2 months. Its green, it also put out a flower, the bottom of the stem is all white and protruding...I wonder if that happens before the root comes out.. Any help will be appreciated.


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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Hi, Mams. Yesss! Those white bulges precede the roots.

What I did-- I just stuck it in plain water because it was a pretty branch that broke off, refilled it from time to time, I don't remember how long, but it's been some time, maybe two months or so.

I would change the water if it got cloudy or so, but it didn't seem to.

The best hint I can give you about rooting is that different plants root on different kinds of "wood". Some, like Basil and Impatiens, root on "soft wood"-- newer green stems. Then there's "old wood" -- the hard brown stems that are a year or so old. Rosemary roots on old wood.

The jasmine is rooting on a piece I'd call middle wood. It's about 10" long. It's rooting right at the joint of some semi-old wood and some newish wood. The newish wood is not really "soft" tho.

One hint I would offer is that you increase your chances of rooting enormously when you get that kind of joint-- where newer wood branches off of wood that's a little older.

The other thing I'd say is keep trying. The worst you can do is lose a few cuttings, and you'll learn a lot on the way.

I hope you'll post here if your bulging white place does sprout into roots, as I think it will :)

Good luck!

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Thanks for the helpful hints..I believe my cutting was "in transition" from new to old. I too have kept it in plain tap water, and have not changed the water, just topped it off when the level dropped.

I'll definitely post here if I get any sign of roots!! With pics!!

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Can you believe this.. a 1-inch Belle cutting has rooted for me today:

I started this last Fall! : )

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Congrats everybody!!!

Strong work...I could never root one of theses and thank you for sharing your ideas too!


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I finally saw roots on my jasmine cutting a month back... It took a long time after the calluses formed to get roots, but after the root formed, it grew pretty quickly. An inch or more in a week. I transfered it to a pot, and now it is sitting in a sunny window. Haven't seen any top growth yet...When I see top growth, I will call it a success!! I wish I had taken pics...maybe next time...hmmmm.... what else do I have that I can root....to be continued...

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Just an update: I added two pieces of Aglaia odorota that I pruned off my Logee's plant to the jar with the Grand Duke. That was several weeks ago. These were hard to semi-hard wood. One piece died, but the second piece is doing fine, and has root nubs all along the stem, so roots soon hopefully.

Pieces of heliotrope did not take. I think the stems I tried were too soft, and they rotted instead. Am going to try again with some semi-hard wood on these when I have some prunings later this summer.

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Wow, that's interesting that you were able to root a Grand Duke. I have on which is about 12 inches long with only 1 stem. I do see a bud protruding at the bottom of the main stem and one on top where it seems to have been pinched(the nursery probably removed a blossom after it faded).

I've only had it for less than 2 weeks and I hope it will begin to grow, I read that this Jasmine in a slow grower. Do you know if this plant grows shoots everywhere along the stem or does it only grow from the top. I was thinking that I might need another cutting to make it fuller since there is only 1 stem.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

I've gotten sickly and/or slow growers from some vendors in the past and for a time believed the "slow grower" thing. But this year I got two really vigorous Grand Dukes. Once established and with a lot of warmth, they put out lots of long stems. Following my neighbor's and Khandi's lead (both have gorgeous, huge, full jasmines as Khandi's pictures show) --

following their lead, I cut my two back severely this winter, and they've come back full of new branches below the cuts. Just branches all over, tho a couple are growing faster and longer than the rest. Took maybe a month to 6 weeks for this to happen, with cuts into old, brown wood.

The one I got from Almost Eden is intensely fragrant and definitely vigorous. I definitely would recommend AE if you are thinking of getting another GD. They offer plants in several different sizes, and their plants are really nice.

GD and the other Sambacs tend to put out put out new growth that is long and "whippy". They grow long wandy stems up to 2 feet if left to it. Pinching or cutting back definitely will help them branch below and produce more flowers. I know that feels dangerous when you have one smaller plant, but at least cut your single long stem back 1/3. It's always safe to cut a branch back by 1/3 (or to cut 1/3 of a plant back at one time) without harming the plant.

I find misting the stems also helps branching below a cut. Without a pich or cutback, I think you just get a longer and longer and longer single stem frim any Sambac. You get more flowers, and a plant with a better ultimate shape. he misting also works to stimulate branching on Osmanthus, Aglaia and Stephanotis.

You will love the fragrance.

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