redesigning a planter with fragrant plants - help please

SoomaOctober 8, 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie as far as plants go so turning to all you knowledgeable people for help. I have an empty planter in my backyard which has been sitting there taunting me for a few months now. The reason I am posting this here instead of the Landscape design forum is because I LOVE fragrant plants.

This area is in full sun most of the day, basically from 10 am till 5-6 pm. The big window is my kitchen/dining nook and the french doors on both sides lead to family areas. The planter is about 15 and a half feet in length and at its largest width it is 5 feet 5 inches. Since I live in Southern California (Irvine) we can keep our doors and windows open almost all year long. I would really appreciate some suggestions on plants that have smells that waft inside or are pleasing if we are outside.

Even though I am a newbie I am more than willing to learn and I want to try and do this myself (with some help from you guys of course) Also I have small children so I want to avoid any poisonous plants.

Thanks a bunch in advance :)


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You are talking about using that space in the pic? Not a container, right?
Go buy some composted manure, about 5-6 bags of it, at a big box store and mix in real good.
While you are there, also buy 5-6 bags of mulch.
I can see a trellis with jasmine on the largest emptiest part of the wall.
I would plant jasmine there.
Research Confederate jamine "Madison" and see what you think. Very strong scent, I have it.
I would buy a plumeria for the part that leans out, in front of the window. Look on plumeria forum to see how easy they are to grow and take care of. There are some highly fragrant ones you would love!
Plumerias also LOVE sun! You are the perfect zone.
You want something lower growing also, for the rest of the area.
I am not in your zone 10, but I am sure you will get plenty of other suggestions.

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Hi Butterfly4u, thanks so much for responding! Yes I need to figure out what to do with that whole area...I know it's a mess at the moment :(

I love plumerias, in fact I even have a small 'Lemon Yellow' in a container. I was unsure if it would work in the area so thanks for the advice. Will research the Jasmine you suggested! Will probably need a trellis behind it to support as it grows right? I have a 'poets jasmine' in another container too. Think I can interchange those 2 or not the same growth habit?

I would love more suggestions for the small plants for this area from others! :)


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