Come on everyone, where is the excitement here, the fun?

meyermike_1micha(5)October 8, 2012

I have added to many people's threads, and it seems everyone disappears or does not respond.

Is everyone ok? Has this forum gone to pots? Where is all the fun and involvement there use to be?

Anyway, take care. This use to be a fun place to come too.


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Mike, What are you compliaining about? are you bored or sort of? This forum is more active then any other forums I have lurked. Some are having old thread for months without adding new threads. At this time of the year, we are busy preparing to winterize all our plants.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

She does have a point. ;)
And we've been adding photos to the what's blooming in October thread.
Surely you've got some citrus or other greenhouse plants blooming that you could share pics with us. :)


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Lol....I posted this on the wrong forum!

There are a couple of other forums that have just crapped out and it's a shame. This one on the though continues to amaze me, although I do wonder what's up with Butterfly4u lately. I hope she is well.

Have a great day and yes, I think I will add a few pics once my Mom is better and my dad has overcome cancer.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Mike!

Sorry to hear about your parents. I hope they both get better soon.

You'll be happy to know that Butterfly4u has joined the plumie addicts like me! Well...maybe not as bad as me but she did post in that forum that her plumie is about to bloom. :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Butterfly's plumie thread

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Hi, Mike. Sorry to hear that. Hope your dad recovers soon. Please say hi to your mom for me. I hope she will feel better soon too.... In my prayers.

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Mike, I'm so sorry about your dad. Hopefully all will go well.
Of course, hope your mom gets better too. She's a wonderful woman.

People come and many times have you seen new threads..threads that are resplied to..the OP never

Speaking of people disappearing..what happened to Mersipoo? She used to be a regular here..Remember how she talked about Gardenias? lol. Too funny.

Mike, if you have pics to post, please do. Toni

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Olympia, thanks for your kind words and for understanding. I really appreciate that and for all the stuff you do here. You are one of the few members that shows much respect, appreciation, makes it a fun place to come, and is so involved with making other happy! It's a blessing to have you here along with,

Robert and Toni!

Thank you Robert for caring. It can be tough at times caring for two parents at once. It is worth the sacrafice at time though since I am afraid I may loose one soon someday.
I have to say that these forums, my plants, my girl, friends,amd my familiy have been wonderful.

Toni! Now you know how much you have been there for me and I for you. I know you too have had some heavy weights to bare and I can only hope we can make it lighter for you.

You are right, people come and go, and then there is teh few of us that stick around for years. I have even begun to like many here. too bad we can't put a face to many here or have a 'Fragrant Plant' convention some day.

Many thanks again everyone and please, keep coming and keep up the good work.


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gardening101a(7b / 8a)

Hi Mike, been checking out the forums.....this is one of the mnore active and better ones!

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Good Morning,

Mike, hope all is well with you and your family.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was music in the background, music of our choice? lol.

From opera to rock and roll.. Roll Over Beethoven.

Mike, soon enough, when everyone is finished hauling plants in, completing garden work, hopefully, this forum will be pumpin'... Toni

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I'm here too!!!
I'm sorry about your parents mike, hope everything turns out.. I started working and I don't have time to post often but I read your posts once or twice a week at night and it helps me relax and dream of new plants!!
Ps. I got my order from holland that we placed with the guys from the greek forum and now I have these new additions:
ceratostigma plumbaginoides and campanula poscharskyana which are not fragrant but great fillers for my planters and they remind me of when I used to grow them when I lived in Italy..Then the fragrants!!
styrax japonicus 'emerald pagoda'
hamammelis intermedia 'pallida'
toona sinensis 'flamingo'
camellia sasanqua 'beatrice emily'
illicium henryi
rhododendron schlippenbachii
and my precious: epigaea repens finally!!
photos arriving soon!

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