zingiber zerumbet

plumiandbamboo(z6a/b MI)June 21, 2005

i am very intrigued by this ginger but can only grow it in a pot due to my blasted winters. does anyone have information on pot culture of this plant? also, is there anyone who has this plant that could possibly share? is that even possible? any info would be appreciated thanks


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Basically, allow them to mostly dry out when they go dormant, but an occasional light watering in winter. You might want to keep them in a black plastic pot. The black color can warm up earlier in the season. Protect rhizomes from freezing temps.They like to grow in part shade/sun. The variegated ones need more sunlight.
You need to have the bulbs grow to some size so that they can flower the following year.
They're best transported/shipped while dormant.

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