Sinningia Raindrop Red?

quitecontrary(6)October 21, 2011

The pictures I have seen of this are so pretty! Does anyone still grow it or know someone who does? I believe it was hybridized by Paul Cummiskey in Tampa. There was a "Raindrop" series? I would love to have any information you can provide. If you've grown it, did you like it? How does it do?

If anyone has it and is interested in a trade, I have various sinningias, violets, miniature plants, assorted gessies.



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This lady, here on GW, has it on her list for trade:

She calls hers 'Red Raindrop'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gesneriads for trade

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Thank you, kayjones! I haven't checked this board for awhile - I'd pretty much given up the search for this plant. Will check out Rokky's list.

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Did you get your Sinningia?

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