My Episcia start is dying

Leaf_Lady(Arkansas)October 19, 2003

Hi all, I recently recieved a start (unrooted) of Blue Nile, and I think it is dying, I put one end of it into the dirt and the leaves back on the stalk,(it's about six inches long) are turning lighter colored. I have it in a rooting medium, what can I do to save it? HELP!!!! Portia

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

I root cuttings very well in a mix of perlite and vermiculite. That is my basic rooting mix. Episcias need to be covered, so I put them, pot and all into ziplock bags and place them on my light stand. A bright window without direct sun works well too. But, I do get my best rooting on the light stand--I think because the light is very good and even. You could restart in this media or you could try just putting it in a large ziplock.

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Thanks, I guess I need to change the medium it is in, I have it in an enclosed plastic bag under lights. It just looks sickly with the leaves turning color and sorta shrieveling up. Thanks again, Portia

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

I'm not at all sure I'm reading you right, or if my conclusions are accurate, so I say this with some hesitancy. I don't think I've ever tried rooting an episcia stolon by inserting the end six inches away from the plant in the soil mix. It might work just fine. What I do is snip off most of that long bare stolon, and usually the bottom two or so leaves which are much smaller, and then kind of snuggling that small plant into the potting mix--I like to use sphagnum and perlite. It may be that roots will grow just fine on the stolon--don't know where I got the idea not to. Maybe watching strawberries! It's the plantlet at the end of the stolon that grows. The idea is to get the new plant away from the mother far enough they won't compete. I think. So if it rooted on the stolon itself they'd be too close.

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Oh no, the little Sprig that I have is about six inches long, I put the cut end down into the soil, up to the first little clump of leaves, then just anchored it down out across the pot. I dont know if I should have clipped all the little clumps or nodes apart, not sure what they are called. Thanks, Portia

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

That sounds right. The point where the leaves attach to the stem is the node. Roots will grow from the nodes though with episcias I am fairly sure they will also grow from along the stem. I would just keep it enclosed, in good light and keep it warm (approx. 70 degrees F is good). If the cutting is wilted then it may have a rot going on and may have lost the stem, though in a ziplock I have them root out into the air. Don't fertilize until it is well established. Six inches is a little long for an episcia cutting. Generally I take the stolons and leave about an inch of stem below where all the leaves come out. But, it sounds like you have a more stretched out cutting. but, you could take a second cutting from the tip. Perlite and Vermiculite (50-50) makes a good rooting mix. I always have the best luck using this mix instead of potting mix. But, after it is rooted you should repot it into regular mix.


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Thanks, I will make new rooting medium and clip the clumps apart and start over. Portia

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Thanks everyone for the help with my plant, I am happy to report that it is now growing and looks very healthy, It looks like it has grown about three inches straight up, I have a couple of side shoots beginning to peek up also. I am going to leave it in the plastic bag until I can get a bubble bowl for it. Do all episcias need to be kept in these bubble bowls? or can you grow them in pots?

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My 'Chocolate Soldier' is growing alongside my African Violets, just on a shelf. It's loaded with blooms.

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