fragrant Kopsia!

orchidbeeOctober 17, 2011


I have been trying detect scent from Kopsia fruiticosa (pink with red dot center) and Kopsia pruniformis (white), Apocynaceae, for some time. I got only a very mild scent from K. prun. I recently visited the Deerfield

Beach Arboretum in northern Broward Co. FL, which is very appealing for a small garden. I encounted Kopsia singaporensis in bloom (white with a red dot center) which was fragrant enough that I hope to have it in my yard. It is a large bush or small tree about 8 feet tall. It was loaded with ripe fruit that are purple black and like an elongate olive. I collected three to plant. Fragrance in the full sweet category

Has any one else experienced Kopsia spp.?

Happy sniffing

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