Calatheas - What a find! - Now to ID them

rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)June 4, 2005

We got some really cool Calatheas today at a little mom-n-pop nursery. Of course, not an ID tag to be found! We're just starting to ID them, but if anyone has any ideas to get us looking in the right direction ...



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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)

may have some id'ed photos of the rest too but, the following should be somewhat right..

1 'Medallion'
3 'corona'
4 'cynthia'
6 C. fasciata

Tim Chapman

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Boy, I used to know this stuff, but that was back before they started making hybrids. Based on a quick websearch:

#2- C. picturata vandenheckii
#3- C.'Corona'
#4- C.'Mia'
#5- C. roseo-picta

Not sure of the others.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Thanks for the feedback. We're well on our way to some good IDs!


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#7 Wilson's Princep

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I love the calatheas, and have had success growing regular Marantas over the years, but when it comes to the Calatheas, I've not been so successful. I have good humidity through the cold winter months indoors, and fairly warm conditions, but mine seem to go quickly downhill. I'm just wondering, if they prefer to go quite dry between waterings and I've just been overwatering them.
Also, mine get quite bright light, and I'm just wondering indeed, if they do prefer much lower light to do well. In general I've always found that most of those so called "low light plants, really do prefer bright indirect light to stay healthy and make good growth, but I guess with some, bright light may not be a good idea. As far a naming the varieties , I'm sorry I can't help in that regard.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)


I can't offer many tips on growing Calatheas inside or under lights. But I can offer observations from growing them outside here in PR ...

* in the summer, temps where we live peak at low to mid-90s with nights dropping to maybe mid-70s to low-80s

* "winter" temps top out at low to mid-80s, with nights getting as low as 60

* we have an almost constant breeze

* humidity varies between 50% and 95%

* our calatheas seem to prefer lots of water, but we make sure they don't stay "wet". They never completely dry out between waterings.

* most of our calatheas are growing in shade (under tables). Some of them (notably Undulata and Loesneri) lose coloration when they get too much light. Many of them get crispy with too much light.

* we've noticed that those in more shade tend to be bigger, healthier, and have better coloration.

Hope this helps


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