Terrarium Gesneriad Recommendations?

littlebrownfrogsOctober 26, 2010

I really love this group of plants, and use them in my tropical terrariums when I find varieties that like those conditions (Episcias, some AVs, Sinningia 'Rio des Pedras', etc). I've seen pics of various plants at shows kept in bubbles - which I imagine would thrive in the humidity I've got in my tanks - but I don't know many. What would you guys recommend as next for me to try?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Pearcea hypocyrtiflora - really festive leaves and glow-in-the dark pouchy flowers, Gesneria cunefolia - miniscule shrub with bright orange tubular flowers, I think ypu can try Nautilocalyx - pemphidius is definitely a terrarium plant - but you can try N. forgettii with beau7tifully patterned leaves. Dep[ending on the temperature of your terrarium - if it is on a cool side - Petrocosmeas will be happy. Diastema vexans is kinda weedy - but sure has interesting chimera like blossom. After seeing Gasteranthus atratus on a couple of shows - if you have space - this is a one stately plant with dark almost black crinkly eaves and yellow bell flowers - but it is an ultimate terrarium plant - you do not expose it to the outside air for more than 1 minute. Amalophyllon an Phinea are small plants used to shady and humid conditions.

Good Luck


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Episcias like it warm and humid as well. Some Columneas will do well in a Terrarium. Chirita micromusa, a small annual with nice leaves and yellow flowers.

I have Chrysothemis friedrichsthaliana growing like a weed in a terrarium. Sinningia pusilla, Sinningia "Rio Das Pedras", Sinningia coccinea and all the micro-mini Sinns should do great.

The list goes on and on...

Happy growing!


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