still waiting on a sign

Joan_in_AL(7AL)June 8, 2005

I ordered ginger roots.. it has been a month.. are they still alive? How long does it take them to root?

it was Hawaiian pink ginger

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who did you order from?

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Did you get a plantlet with foliage or a bare-root rhizome? How big? Pink Ginger (Alpinia purpurata) doesn't have a dormancy, at least not in Hawaii, and it doesn't have the same kind of fleshy running rhizome that, say, a hedychium has, so I'm trying to picture how it was sold to you if it wasn't an actively growing plant. The little plantlets (aerial offsets from the inflorescence) should root readily, but there's not really much rhizome there, so if it looks dead, it probably is. If, however, what you got looked like a big chunk of stem with a swollen base and the foliage cut back, it might take a bit longer to see some action. As long as the stem still looks firm, it's probably still good. I'd give it at least another month, and if you don't see anything happening by then you might have to unpot it and investigate. It should at least be putting out some roots, even if you haven't seen a new shoot yet.

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Did you ever find any roots?

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