chrysothemis pulchella.

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)November 28, 2009


have grown this plant for several years with no problems in pots It does go winter dormant for me which leads to my ??

The box stores are now pushing this as "florida friendly landscape plant" While mine are fast asleep the ones for sale are in full glorious flower lol. How do they do that?? My only complaint about it as a landscape plant is the dormancy but there seems to be a way to avoid that?? Thanks gary

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Gary -

you need to find some Florida gesneriad buddies - look at the chapters - and call them.
My Chrysothemis is on a light shelf in a basement - and just keeps blooming - doesn't go to a dormancy for a year - may be the ones for sale are from greenhouses with overhead lights?


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I knew it !!! The secret is going to require some work on my part lol. I'm redoing my whole grow area and was only keeping evergreens so I can have a year around garden rather than winter .summer. mainly to reduce the work.
I thought the Chrys was among the summer flowers from my experience until I saw them for sale lol.
They were from "Costa color" a huge nursery that supplies most of the box stores locally.
Have never visited but since they produce in excess of 200,000 plants per month I'll bet they're not using many lights?? lol
Oh well more experimenting ,I guess, was hoping there was an easy trick to keep them evergreen. They are a wonderful summer flower. Thanks very much gary

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dirtmonkey(z8 OR)

Gary, they could be starting them all from cuttings or seeds at a certain time, then just keeping them growing to control the bloom time. Mine always looked better after a short dormancy anyway.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

have learned already that it's temp related . We've been having a "heat wave" believe it or not and all have resprouted .lol The wave will continue for at least a week so will see what happens?? I'm guessing it's triggered by temps under 50??
Wild winter so far two record lows in OCT. 5 highs in Nov. and 4 in Dec already
I know in my heart this means Jan and Feb will set all time record lows maybe even some SNOW lol
Oh well i guess "experimenting " is what gardening is all about?? gary

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