Kahili ginger in central Texas? Others?

junglejenny(8 TX)June 26, 2005

I just got my first ginger today--a Kahili with several stalks on a pretty big healthy bunch of rhizomes. I'm wondering if I can plant it in the ground and how much sun it will need. . . I'd rather put it in the ground; is this the kind of ginger that will come back if it freezes to the ground? Are there any other hedychiums that would work here in Austin, where the summers are HOT and the winters have some freezes? I can certainly plant it in a protected spot if that will help. Should it get more shade than sun? What about full shade?



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Yes, it will freeze to the ground but return next year.
I grow several varieties of hedychiums in zone 7.
They return each year and bloom.
I have some in full sun and some in a little shade. It doesn't seem to make much difference as far as blooms go.
I think the ones in full sun get a little taller.
Hedychium 'Elizabeth;

Taken last year. You can see these too well. But this year they are a lot bigger.
Dr Moy and Disney

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May I slip my question in here? What type of soil do you plant these guys in? I have a little cutting that I'm about to plant but have no clue what to put it in.

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cathys1951(z8 GA)

Would love to do a SASE for one of the rhizomes......LOvely plant

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How are the kahili's doing in Texas? I'm considering getting one in san antonio, and wonder if the climate is ok for it.Also, any advice on care and where to get one would be appreciated.

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Chuckie did you ever find your Kahili? I'm trying them here in FL this year just got some, only a couple hopefully they will do well!

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