Hedychium coronarium-- north-facing recessed balcony

chloeashaJuly 28, 2012

Hi all! I have a bit of space in a very large pot which has opened up on my balcony. It is north-facing and recessed, so I see very little direct sunlight. The rest of the time it is bright shade. I was curious as to if Hedychium coronarium (or any ginger) would really do well here? I'm in the Delta region, so a very long, hot season is normal. My oriental lilies do pretty well in the lighting if that helps as a comparison. Since my space is so limited, I have to consider what will do well. I love the idea of a scented fall bloomer and we should be warm enough to overwinter the ginger outside. The pot I would place it in is a circular 24"x30" pot, so a decent size. Thanks!

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I am in 7b NC and have mine in a north eastern situation and they are doing well. They have spread nicely and are blooming now. I would suggest that you water them so they won't brown. Your situation sound perfect!

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Thank you so much!

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Update: I purchased both H. "Dr Moy" and "Luna Moth" last summer after I posted this and plopped them into the pot. They put up some new growth, and then went dormant once they frosted mid-December (the balcony is protected from frosts until it gets into the mid-upper 20s). I felt down periodically on warm days to check the rhizomes. Everything seems good. Checked today and they are still good. They haven't come up, but I imagine it will need to be warmer for them to do that. We may have had our last frost 2 nights ago (crossing fingers), so I am hoping they realize it's spring in a bit. So i know I can grow foliage and over winter. I don't know about getting blooms yet. That remains to be seen.

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