'zingiber cassumunar' source

phytostudentJuly 11, 2005

I would love to have a few rhizomes to plant in my garden. Does anyone have a source to purchase this ginger or would be willing to share their own?

Have curcuma longa happily growing outdoors; just need to add to my medicinal collection.

Thanks so much,


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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)

do a google search for zingiber montanum (which is now the accepted name). Z. cassumunar = Z. purpureum = Z. montanum. The first nursery that comes up has them. :-) (and yes its mine).

Its one of my favorites, they are blooming now (one of the first to bloom). The clump is very well established and the inflors. are much longer this year. normally they aren't long enough to make good cuts, but now they are. The have a very upright form.

Tim Chapman

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Hello Tim~ I am looking to source zingiber cassumunar in various stages and am hoping you can help me. I need these for a Photo shoot in Minneapolis by Jan 23rd. Please let me know ASAP if you can assist me in finding some. There is $$$ for this. Thank you~

Emily Kosokar/emily@photograham.com
Graham Brown Photography

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