Tim Chapman, ginger question

bihai(zone 9)July 9, 2005

I have a plant that I bought from I think Aloha Tropicals about 8 years ago. I THINK it was supposed to be Costus longibracteatum. It has large stems, extremely furry, large usual "costus" leaves, also extremely furry. It attains a height of almost 9 feet. The only thing is, the inflos are BASILAR like a Zingiber not TERMINAL like every other costus I have.

I can send or post a photo, it is in bloom now for the first time in all those years. I would like a positive ID on it, the tag was lost several years ago.

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TimChapman(Z8 Louisiana)


you can send or post a photo. There are two forms of that one going around I think, the darker one usually goes under the name "Kiss of Death" i believe. As for the blooming habit, basal blooming species are actually very common (in the wild at least). The majority of what is commonly grown/commercially available are terminal bloomers however. There are fortunately several that will bloom both ways.. which is a breeding goal of mine. There are also some species that are predominately terminal bloomers that will throw off basal blooms when well established (C. barbatus is one of them).

Tim C.

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