Pine Cone Gingers

fl_gypsyJuly 19, 2012

Hi, new to this forum, hope you don't mind my jumping in with a question. A friend gave me some pine cone ginger rhizomes years ago and I shared with my sister. She planted hers close to their septic tank and they have bloomed every year. Mine haven't even grown very tall much less bloom. I don't have soil in my yard, it's just "dirt". What sort of location do these gingers like and what kind of fertilizer should I be using. Should I use compost heavily in my dirt? Please HELP.

I have the same problem with some heliconas. Should they be treated the same as gingers? I don't see a Helicona forum so any help would be appreciated. Will also ask about these on the tropical forum. TIA

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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

If by pine cone ginger you are referring to Zingiber Zerumbet, then they do best in medium sun, acidic soil, and like a balanced fertilizer. I fertilize mine with a water soluble 20-20-20 twice a month but also top dress with Osmocote 14-14-14. They won't bloom until the root and rhizome mass gets enough energy. I grow a lot of different gingers, and this particular ginger took 3 years to reach bloom size, but it was worth it. The same would apply to any heliconia. Both are heavy feeders during warm months.


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We call these Beehive Ginger. They like a rich soil and plenty of water. Probably why they're growing so well near the septic.

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Thanx so much for the quick response and information.

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