leaf burn on Hedychium?

nealzibubJuly 2, 2007

Hi there,

I have a butterfly ginger that is shaded in the morning and late afternoon, but unfortunately gets full sun for a few hours around noon. Anyway, the bottom leaves, slowly around the edges first turn yellow, then brown, and it just slowly moves in from the edge. I've already removed four or five leaves from the bottom up, and it just keeps moving up. It almost is like a salt-burn...Is it from the hot sun? Or maybe from the sandy, probably alkaline soil that I have? I'm thinking it would prefer more peat and organic matter in the soil. Thanks for any advice.


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About how much water dose it get?

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I water it once to twice a week depending on temps and heat, and I also try to mist it on hot afternoons, but again that is only if I happen to be around and thinking of it...and of course San Diego is not known for it's great water quality. Thanks.

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