Saving Episcia after Sandy

redphal(7b)November 13, 2012

My house was out of power and heat for almost two weeks after Sandy hit, and while my other tropicals and Gesneriads weathered the cold temps and darkness OK, my poor Episcias were hit hard. I have four of them and they lost most or all of their leaves. The stems are still firm and I think the heat came back before they were fatally chilled, but I'm trying to figure out if they will recover.

If I cut them back and remove all the wilted leaves, will they regrow? How hard can they be cut back and still grow? Or is it too late for them and should I just find replacements?

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It certainly will not hurt to try. If the stems are still firm the plant should rep sprout where the leaf joints are. If they don't over a period of time then toss them. Personally, I would not cut them back until I see growth starting. The plant has been stressed enough because of the conditions created by Sandy.

I had grown episcias in my greenhouse to night temps of 40 degrees with no ill effects. Episcias though are not cold tolerant for a long period of time. They are usually sensitive to temps 55 and under. It all depends on the variety. Some will withstand better than others.


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Thanks. I did already cut some of them back, because those plants had lost all their leaves and looked totally shabby. Do you think a humidity dome would help them recover? Humidity levels are good in the house right now but I know they favor moisture.

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Maybe you should start them over by taking cuttings. When mine get leggy, thats what I do. You might have a better plant will possibly take a while for your plants to recover. Humidity couldn't hurt. Good thing the rest of the plants are fairing okay.


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Sad to say that the Episcia have all gone further downhill. Doesn't look like they're going to make it after all. :-/

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So sorry to hear that.


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