Grocery store ginger is sprouting

a_shau(San Francisco 8b)July 28, 2014

Hey all - I have a ginger on my dining table that I never managed to cook and now it's sprouting! How to I plant this? Can I just put the whole root into a pot of soil?

I probably won't harvest this plant, but just keep it as a house or outdoor plant happy with the knowledge that it is a homegrown plant.


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Yes ... treat it like any houseplant. Figure out which way the sprouts are headed and bury it just under the surface with the sprouts peeping out.

Bright light, moist soil, and an occasional misting. You can keep it on a lightly shaded patio in the summer

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a_shau(San Francisco 8b)


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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I had the same happen to me with grocery store ginger and I just placed it in some water so that it could sprout all the way before I planted it. I finally got a little green shoot but life got in the way. When I finally was ready to plant, the green shoot has died (black) but the bulbs are still firm and the roots look OK.

Do any of you think I can still plant and it will grow?

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