Etlingera Elatior

ShawnaTX(7)July 26, 2012

Hi garden lovers!

I have been trying to propagate Etlingera Elatior seeds but it seems that 2 attempts came with no result. I don't want to give up yet so I am here to see if anyone have ever succeeded grow them. Any tips and tricks are welcome. i hope to get it germinate before this summer is end. Any replies is appreciated.

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I got some on Ebay previously but they didn't germinate. Don't know if they were too old, or just something I did wrong. Some people say you need to soak them before planting. Good luck.

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Hi Tropicbreezeb
I soaked them overnight and then put them in the pot with sandy loose soil, wrap the pot with plastic as someone suggested on youtube video to keep the soil moist. But it did not do anything.

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Putting them on top of the refrigerator works for keeping them warm for germination. But I gave up and ended up getting some plants. I already had the red so I got some whites. They're really beautiful when they flower.

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Hmm that is a good idea. Will try it, though for now I try placing them on a wet napkin in a ziploc bag together with my dragon fruit seeds. Two of dragon fruit seeds are sprouting. By the way where did you get the EE plants from?

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