Growing ginger from grocery store root...

mrs_emily(8 Louisiana)July 31, 2005

I've never tried to grow any kind of ginger before, but I read about planting the root from the grocery store, and decided to try it. I know everything I read about it says it likes inidrect light, so I planted mine in a pot with about one inch of potting soil covering the root (when wet) and hid it under some very tall cannas. Now I have two nice, thick and dark green shoots coming up. My question is, what do I do now? Do I split up that big ol' root and have several plants growing in separate pots...can they be planted in the ground...what care do they need then, if I I just leave the thing whole and wait for blooms? THEN..if I do get blooms, can THEY be used as cuttings for future ginger plants?

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decompost(z8 NC)

mrs. emily - several years ago i planted culinary ginger root that i bought at the grocery too. i'm in zone 8, n.c., and i planted mine directly into the garden bed and it has proved quite hardy, dieing back to the ground at first frost, it resumes growing when the soil temp gets back up to around 60 degrees in the spring - in a pot, you can probably keep it evergreen in a greenhouse or a sunny window.
as to division, you can, if you so desire, divide the ginger between the 2 shoots. this might best be done after the plant is well established, if it is not already. i have grown gingers in pots as well and they do very nicely that way too - they actually don't seem to mind being fairly pot bound.
so far as blooms go, culinary ginger is the only ginger i have ever grown which never has produced a bloom -
beautiful foliage, but no flowers, dag-nab-it!!!

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