gardenia: back to pot vs. keep as is

khourshedOctober 18, 2013

i planted my 8 year old gardenia is this place 5 years ago and since then it been growing nicely to the extent i trim it the sad part of the story only 3-5 buds manage to flower the rest drops. it keep dropping the buds.
I did try frequent water spray , bought special umbrella (check photo) nothing help i feel sad seeing those buds on the floor.

I think this species of Gardenia for indoor and for cooler environment and cannot tolerate the excessive hot weather in my area

i got another gardenia which looks different (leafs and flowers) very happy camper produce tons of flowers each year.

so what is your advise back to pot and move it inside the house ? or keep here as is
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

here is the other Gardenia few steps away although does not look elegant but they do their job A+

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I think you are onto something with the idea that is getting too much sun.
The other gardenia across from it that you say you like because it flowers more doesn't have the same sun exposure as the one you put the umbrella over.
I think it is getting too much sun. Some of the other plants you have up against the home on that side look as if they too might be getting too much also.
The umbrella is probably a quick fix for now, but if you really think it is unhappy, mabey you should try it inside, it probably wouldn't hurt it.
How old is the potting soil you have it in?
The soil must be changed at least every 2 years.
So, if you do want to pot it up, mabey some fresh soil will make all the difference.
You have been doing a good job with them though, they look pretty good, even the bush you say looses it buds.

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