growing petrocosmeas

alenka(6)November 8, 2007

For those who grow petrocosmeas -- do you have any special tips on their care? I have two small plants of P. forrestii, and I just put two leaves down of P. rosettifolia. Say, compared to african violet care, what do these guys like different?

I read that they prefer cooler temperatures -- so how cool is cool enough for them to like? I have a drafty windowsill where themperatures drop to 50F in the winter, and, well, it's quite drafty. I mistakenly put a couple of african violet babies there last winter, they never quite recovered. Would the petrocosmeas like that spot, or they are better off in a kind of spot that violets like?

Do they mind summer temperatures of up to 80-83F?

Also, do they need something beyond basic care in order to grow into these perfect symmetrical rosettes I see in online photographs? Or they will naturally grow perfect like that as long as they are healthy?

Also, propagation -- I put down a leaf of my p. forrestii, just to see how easy it will root, and then I pulled it out a week later, and it already had a bunch of roots. Will p. rosettifolia be just as easy to root? (I won't be pulling those out to check, since I only got those two leaves, so I'm curious :) ). And will they send plantlets just as easily, or they'll sit there forever with just roots?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Alenka -

we have a lady in our club who loves them and grows them to the size of a dinnerplate. She keeps them in a shallow trays,has her stands covered with plastic to increase humidity, lets them grow and spread in the pot - doesn't repot too often - and says that if you keep them cold and humid - they grow perfect and fast.

The thing is - if you stress them up - and 83F can be a stress - they go into blooming - and after blooming they send suckers all over the place - and it is an end to this mama plant - it will look like crazy mop. But the bloom is a treat. :-))


PS I got mine dry for a couple of times - they all blooming now - except P. parryorum - never bloomed for me yet.

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Thanks, Irina! That's good to know about humidity. I too want to grow one like a dinner plate! :) I guess I'll try one in a colder spot, 50-60F, and one in a 60-70F spot, and I'll cover both for humidity, and I'll see what happens. Sounds like a plan.

And thanks for the tip on stress and flowering -- I guess I'll put down a few more leaves so that I have back up baby plants ready if/when summer heat drives the big plants into crazy blooming things.

Looked up P. parryorum, that's neat how different it is from the tightly growing ones. It's a cool genus.

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This is kind of neat, so I figured I'd post about it :) After Irina's reply I looked up Petrocosmea parryorum, and I really liked it, so I got a small plant. A couple of leaves were slightly bruised, so I took them off and put them down for propagation. That was about a month ago, and now each leaf has 3 plantlets, but both leaves have no roots! Not a single root! Both the leaves and the plantlets look really healthy, so evidently they aren't missing the roots at all! Anyway, just thought this was neat, that's all :)

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Oh, and Irina's suggestion to keep petrocosmeas cold and humid is doing wonders to my P. forrestiis -- they are growing faster than I expected, and very symmetrical, and the new leaves have a much healthier color than the ones the plants came with when I bought them. Thanks, Irina!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

You are welcome.

There are a couple interesting petrocosmeas you can grow - P. rosettifolia - the name is not official - but it is very pretty - and P. kerrii - this one is the fuzziest of them all.
Actually all of them are lovely...


Here is a link that might be useful: Petrocosmeas on a GesneriadWeb

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