Rolling a plant

kal2002November 15, 2004

Hi everyone,

I was reading on Rob's website about rolling a kohleria plant so it will not be so tall or leggy. Has anyone tried this technique? If so, did the plant eventually grow back to the same height again?

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Ooops, got the description wrong. They call it 'rolling-up' a plant.

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

I've been doing this for years but it works best with young plants that still have thin and flexible stems, and is a great solution for seedlings or cuttings that have grown crowded and/or become etiolated. In fact I don't see it being effective to control the mature height of a plant, mainly because the stems become too stiff and brittle--your best bet then is to simply repot the plant deeper.

One reason why it works is that most gesneriads can send out roots directly from a stem that contacts soil (as long as it hasn't become woody). Of course it will never be necessary if you don't let the plant get leggy in the first place!

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