cherry laurel has lost all of its leaves

yelladogsMay 9, 2012

Hello. I've researched this on line but there is nothing that answers my question. I have 5 cherry laurels and one started turning yellow and dropping it's leaves. I deduced that it was chlorosis and fed it a strong iron rich fertilizer and the remaining leaves perked up and new growth is showing on the tips of each stem. HOWEVER, my concern and question is, WILL THE SHRUB FILL IN WHERE ALL OF THE YELLOWED LEAVES FELL OFF? I have a very naked shrub except for the tips.

Please help!

Thank you

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I think you'll just have to wait and see. They might sprout new leaves there but they might not. It depends on what the issue was.

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Since Cherry Laurel is an evergreen, maybe it's just time to push a new set of leaves. I only have one and don't pay close enough attention to it. The Live Oaks leafed out in April, Magnolia seems to straggle along all summer.

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