Eucodonia Adele -how to grow?

Mari11(z5a Toronto)December 13, 2008

I just bought a new plant - Eucodonia Adele, it is blooming and beautiful. But I could not find any good info online about growing it. Light, temperature, dormancy, propagation?

I will appreciate your suggestions!

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harrywitmore(Zone7 NC)

I have had this plant for a few years but I have never grown it well. But, it does propagate easily from cuttings or division of the scaly rhizome. I love the velvety leaves on this and the flowers a nice also. Wish I could grow it better.

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I grow this and other Eucodonias just as I do Achimenes - as summer bedding plants, mostly in pots (although they tend to migrate around the garden as the rhizomes get recycled in potting soil, etc.). In autumn I let them dry off and die down, then, if the pot is small enough and only contains the gesneriads, I put the whole thing in a dark, cool place (garage or attic), and leave it until spring. You can also dig through and pick out the little rhizomes (they look kind of like tiny pine cones) and store them in bags of vermiculite someplace where it stays cool and dark, but doesn't freeze (anyplace you'd keep apples or potatoes in winter will do). In spring, pull them out, repot if necessary, and start watering again. Several of these which escaped into the garden have returned after the last two winters, which, admittedly, were warmer than most. I think they, like a lot of things that go dormant in winter, can survive more cold if they're in a drier location.

My best use of Eucodonias this year was trailing over the edge of a large pot containing a clump of Kaempferia, a broadleafed, deciduous ginger (sort of like a subtropical hosta). Since it needs a dry, cool winter rest, I just hauled the whole deal into the garage under a table. It looks awful now, but will be beautiful next summer and fall when it gets light, water, and warmth again.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

My problem with it - I grow it under the lights - and as any trailing plant - it would look much better as a hanging pot. The flowers are beautiful, the leaves are interesting - but the weedy and weak trailing stems...

Looks like Bubba from VA got the perfect place for them.


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