Pruning Lavender Munstead?

ms_minnamouse(7a)November 9, 2007

When should I prune my Munstead? I never pruned it when it was young so it has a woody bottom, will pruning it now help? I plan to prune anyways either way.

Also, how do I divide it??? It seems to be spread out from one segment, not a clump or anything I can cut into.

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If it's outside, don't bother to prune it in winter, just clean it up in spring once the new growth starts coming out.

If it's inside, cutting it back a bit now will help it cope with lower light conditions, but don't cut into old, woody growth now; the plant doesn't have the energy reserves to heal easily after a heavy pruning. Lavenders get woody with age, it has nothing to do with how you prune it.

If it has one single growing clump it's not big enough to divide; once it has more than one rooting point, you can divide it then.



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