My Jasmine are dying

ilovecobaltNovember 19, 2009

I have a few dozen jasmine that have been thriving for about a year or more. Recently I have had a few that are dying. The only think I noticed about each of them is that they have mushroom at the base? I have tried everything that I know to save them. Once these mushroom appear the plants are gone soon after. Any help on saving the rest of them would be great. I have fertilized. Moved everything away from the plants. PLEASE HELP!

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Stop watering them altogether.
Let them only get water when it rains.
They will be fine.

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Do you mean mushroom from to much moisture?

A mushroom plant, or mushroom shape base on the trunk itself, as if infested by a parasite or something?

If a mushroom growing from soil then,

How long have your plants been in that soil and what kind of soil?

I would immediately bareroot them, and place them in a much better draining open soiless mix, and stick them in light for a few days, then as much full sun as possible there after..Of course this is if they are staying damp too long..:-)

Can you you post a pic?


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