Growing Ginger

kelli1993(6)August 5, 2008

I'm new with this one, so this may sound a little 'out there'. I had seen (on Food Network) how beautiful the ginger plant is.

Is it possible to grow ginger from the tubers sold @ grocery stores?

Thanks in advance.

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I do it. I also grow Tumeric and Galanga and Cardamom - all of which are ginger relatives and all from grocery store roots (well, except the cardamom, I bought it as a plant).

They don't like winter so you have to bring them inside as houseplants if you live where it freezes. They grow faster and bigger if planted in the ground. They don't like full sun. You can just grow them as potted plants and move the pots in and out depending on the season.

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Thanks John. Sorry it took so long to respond. Lost my email password & needed to create a new account.

Sounds good... and I checked into the other 3 you grow and they're also beautiful. I'll try them all indoors if I can find them, and take them out for spring / summer.

Thanks again.


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John Pool(z7 GA)

Hey TriangleJohn
I have turmeric started from tubers growing in a pot outside. When I bring it inside a little later this fall, do I keep watering and keep in growing in a sunny location, or does it need to go dormant for a while? I got the turmeric from a friend in St. Croix, put it in a pot and after a month or so, gave up on it ever sprouting. Then one day I happened to notice these lush green leaves! Now I'd like to keep it alive (and maybe even try to harvest some turmeric for the kitchen). Thanks for any advice, JPOOL

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