Strep seed pods--how to care for them?

rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)December 6, 2012

I have a standard size strep, dark blue, with two seed pods. These pods are skinnier than expected! Pollinated 4 months ago, one is 3" long, the other is 1" long.

How long does it take for these to mature and crack? I'm ready to fold a piece of filter paper around the pod when it starts to crack. It's already a dark color, due I guess to the very dark flower color. Will the pod yellow when it's ready?

I think I'll have a LOT of seed to give away at some point!


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Generally, streps require 8-12 weeks to ripen their seed pods after pollination. Once the pods turn dark they will usually start to crack open, but if this happens before the 8-12 weeks has passed, the seeds are likely to be no good. Because your seed pods are 16-18 weeks old, I'd think they're ripe by now, but just didn't crack for some reason. I haven't had this happen before though so I'm not sure.


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In order not to miss the seeds if they scatter all of a sudden, you might tie a plastic bag over seedpod. If seed fall into it, you will know it is ready to be cut from the branch.


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