How to pollenate Hedychium?

TimMAz6(6b)August 25, 2013

My Hedychiums will be blooming soon and was wondering how to pollenate them to create seed. Anyone have tips? Here's the ginger from last summer.

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HoosierBob SW Indiana Zone 5

Hey Tim!

Bob in Indiana here. I did a bit of internet research and found that the male and female parts are somewhat fused in hedychium, so that unlike, say, daylilies, you don't have distinct parts. The long piece out of the middle of the flower has the stigma (receptive female part) on the tip and just below that, the wide part (anther, with pollen). Theoretically, you just take the pollen and put it on the stigma above or onto that of another plant. I have NO experience with producing ginger seed, so I hope someone else will chime in with some tips for you. I know some species like greenii are supposed to be sterile, so there may be some plants that won't make seed for you no matter what you do.

I am guessing your plant is Tara...mine is blooming here, too. A beautiful flower with lots of color and not much fragrance. It's been a very reliable bloomer for me, in a 5-gallon pot. Is yours in the ground?

Hope that information is somewhat helpful. I'm going to include a picture from the internet that you may find of use.


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Hi Tim, What Bob said is pretty much all you to know to pollinate, You may have insects around that will do the job for you so if you really want to make a cross with two different ones you will want to cover that area with a plastic bag or something to keep the bees moths etc from pollinating them for you. Last year I had many hedychiums produce seed and I didn't pollinate any of them, although I have in the past. The most important thing is that when the seed do set and mature they have a someone short shelf life you need to plant soon after they mature. And by the way I would love to trade you one of mine for one of your. Please email if interested.
James Maloy in Florida

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