bumble_bee(5b Montreal)December 3, 2004

I have a little smithiantha multiflora that I like very much. At this time of the year there are fewer blooms in the house but this one makes a nice little display. I would like to order another easy growing variety from the AGGS seed fund.

My favorite seems to be 'Litle One' but I read it's harder to grow. Is that true? I would like one that likes to grow under the same conditions as multiflora. Would zebrina, canarina, laui or cinnabarina be a better choice? In fact, I'd really like to have cinnabarina (if it's an easy grower) but I'll have to wait as it's not in the seed fund at the moment.

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I'm eager to hear the answer since I wanted to know too. I just placed an order to the seed fund. I sure would have gotten cinnabarina if I had seen it on the list, after seeing the gorgeous photo in the gallery. I forget now which one I ordered. But I hope to hear what others have to say.

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amilder(z8 Central TX)

I also am interested in the answer to this. It didn't seem we were getting much of a response here, so I went ahead and posted at the AGGS "general gesneriads" forum, where Dale Martens has been known to frequent. She is a hybridizer of Smithianthas, so there is definitely some serious knowledge there. You can read the reply at the link below.

The forum is little crazy. I used a fake email because I was worried about getting on a Russian hooker spam list... LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: AGGS message forum

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bumble_bee(5b Montreal)

Thank you!

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