Need help in identifying, please

FlowerFloozie(3a)August 11, 2004

I have been given a hardy ginger that is a "pass along" and the friend I received it from does not know its name. Its leaves look like the peace lily, the flower starts out a translucent purple color and as the stem grows upward there are numerous yellow smallish flowers. It spreads easily and is blooming even though I was just given the bulb this past fall. I may get "ginger addicted" as this one is really beautiful. Thanks for any help.

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Was the bloom close to the ground or on a stalk in the air above the foliage? What color is the foliage? Do you have it planted in the ground? if so what zone are you in?
Is the flower pinecone shaped?

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The ginger started blooming about 3 or 4 inches from the ground and the blooming stalk is now about 13 inches from the ground. The pinkish/purple bloom is about 4 inches across. The leaves are a lightish green and it is planted in the ground. It freezes here in Zone 8 (I believe that is our zone..East Texas)but comes back in the spring. I guess "pinecone" would describe the bloom with the yellow bud like flowers opening below the p/p bloom. Thanks for any information you can give me....I would wish for it to have a common name so I can remember it. LOL!

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It may be a curcuma sp.? Curcuma ornata perhaps or curcuma sp. Ribbon...

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This web site has tons of info. on gingers if this is not it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you, cactusfreak, that is it. I hope I get a patch that big with as many flowers!

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