Night Blooming Jasmine

pennycp(Z6 SE Penna)November 7, 2005

My night blooming jamsine got hit with a light frost. It's leaves have either fallen off, or look yellow and like they will fall off soon. Can I save this plant? It's in a big pot, so I brought it into the basement, but now I don't know what to do with it. Any advice?

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siliconmage(z5 NE)

It may recover. I'd give it the optimum growing conditions and wait.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

My guess would be a "light frost" -- 30 or 31F will not kill it. It will probably come back.

Keep it on the dry side while it is defoliated. In fact, dryish is better for winter, but don't let it get really dry. That may kill it. Keep it just a little big moist.

I would put it in the sunniest window you have (if you can stand the ugliness), and wait for it to re-sprout. Misting it with dilute fertilizer all along the stems often will help a plant sprout.

It may wait until the days start getting longer in Feb-March, but my guess is that it will resprout sooner if it's kept in the light. If you decide to keep it in the basement, keep it even drier, and check it every couple of weeks for sprouts, then bring it into the light gradually as soon as it shows sprouts.

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I agree with the above poster.
This is scary, but you can also cut it back, then place in a bright window..I wouldn't fertilize just yet, or if you do use very diluted, higher in nitrogen. The object now is to get leaves to sprout before worrying about flowers..after your plant has grown in, continue with your regular feeding program.

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pennycp(Z6 SE Penna)

I brought it into the basement and put it near the doors so it would get as much sunlight as possible, and guess what!!! it's starting to sprout new leaves along the old stems. I'm going to wait and see how far up the stems the sprouts appear and then trim each one back to that height. I'm going to try spraying with fertilizer to see what happens.
Thanks for the advice! I really love this plant - would hate to lose it!

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