New tropical magnolia cultivars

jimshyNovember 6, 2013

There is a certain time of the year (used to be earlier before global warming, but these days seems to be early November in Brooklyn) when the first hard freeze date hits the weather forecast, and the obsessed, er, intrepid gardener is forced to deal with the large number of plants she/he bought during the growing season that aren't winter hardy.

What do I save? What do I have room for indoors? And most importantly, there's this new plant (plants) that I just gotta have; never mind that I don't have room for them, can't afford them, and my spouse/partner/family is going to kill me if I bring another plant into the house!

This year, the objects of obsession are some of the newer hybrids and cultivars of magnolia champaca that are coming out of Thailand. Anyone growing magnolia rajaniana, Sinuan or other champaca varieties? Indoors or out? Potted or planted? I doubt I'll chance ordering one during cold weather, but it gives me something to look forward to!



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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Heck , I live in 10 florida but still have a dozen or so plants that can't take below 50. !! Worse I have several that require cool/cold rest periods though I have made progress I no longer try to grow high altitude tropicals lol Why do gardeners do this??lol
can't help with magnolia as the only one I grow is "Little gem" and thats in a pot . Another choice on the edge as they do far better with cool rest periods though I do get a few flowers but not the glorious displays of the deep south ,scattered over much of the year.
if you come up with a cure for" zone stretching" please share I know i could use a good dose of it!! lol gary

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I bought atleast 3 magnolia cultivars from Cistus nursery 3 years ago. They did well for 2 years when it had mild winter in South Florida. Two just died, and the other is just hanging on. M. Champaka on the other hand is a huge tree for me as is M. alba. M. Figo skinneriana does very well for me. M. Coco blooms and Taluoma candolii does well for me here. So I have given up trying to grow others although I am still interested in Magnolias. If you find any that are heat tolerant please let me know.


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Yes: Cistus is in the Willamette Valley so before buying from them it should be checked to see if a given item is suitable for Florida pests, soils and summers etc. - there will be a lot of plants they can grow that are not adapted to Zone 10 parts of Florida.

And vice versa.

Indoors in NY you will probably have to rig up a special growing area that is brighter and more humid than the rest of your rooms will be during the winter.

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