Mike, a little bird...

birdsnbloomsNovember 30, 2012

Mike, a little birdie told me you adopted new plants.
In other words, you SINNED! :)

What did you get? Have pics to share?

Has anyone else bought new plants?

Or is anything blooming now? Toni

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well, Toni, it may be Mike's cat who's whispering about Mike's sinful ways; since the two of them are sharing close company on the floor now that he's given up his bed space to this extra greenery. And, yes, I too have been wondering what special treats he's bought. :)

I haven't bought anything new this week, but I have been eyeing my coworker's plant - an Anthurium Hybrid, Flamingo Flower - and thinking I want one. (but this is a plant I know so little about - I may have to get some research done before I do any shopping.)

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Hey Rose...

How are you? How was your Thanksgiving?

I didn't know Mike gave up his bed, lol. Well, they say, sleeping on the floor is good for the back..If it's true, Mike won't have any problems caring for plants in the future..lol.

I'm expecting one plant from Thailand..It's supposed to be here today or tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.
I pray it's well since our weather was cold..however, they're predicting it will warm up today through Monday.

Ah, the beautiful Anthurium, Flamingo Flower..Oh yes, it's a pretty plant and flowers are lovely.
Walmart and Home Depot usually sell A. FF. Have you checked out your local stores?
Two of my Anthurims were bought at Walmart, but several years ago.

Are you looking for the red flower Anthurium? FF's have red, white or lavendar blooms. I've only had red..

Good luck in your quest..:)

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Thanksgiving was good, but unexpected this year. For the last 20+ years I've spent my holidays with my friends. And, am basically the adored 'aunt' to all their kids. - well - this year, I got a call from family that one of my uncles passed away - so my plans had a drastic sudden change - and I spent the holiday with my aunt to help prepare for the wake and aftermath.

And a good time was had by all? ... well, yes. although, it was a sad occasion, it was good to see family again. And, in another week or so, we're to get together again for the cremation/burial service.

As to the Anthurium - my coworker has the red and she's really beautiful. - I didn't know there were other colors - I haven't seen it in the home-depot near me. I may have to make a Walmart trip to see what type of plants (if any?) that they have.

what color would I like? ... well, I've only seen the red so it would all depend on what's on the shelves and what calls out my name 'loudly' and begs 'take me home'.

As far as floors being good for backs... surely that's an old-wives tale... if we were meant to sleep on floors, then matresses wouldnt be so delightful feeling when we crash every night. :D

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Oh Rose, I'm so sorry about your uncle.

Your poor aunt. I hope she's okay considering the circumstances. How is she doing?

I know what you mean..seems the only time we see family is during a wake/funeral..Especially dh's side..Although he's free to see them when he wants.
The last time we saw his family was at my MIL's funeral that happened to be in TN.

Red is probably the prettiest, but purple is nice, too, although I've never had purple..actually saw four colors.
I forgot about pink.

Some Anthuriums are harder to over-winter than others.
I kill Flamingos, but I have a nice A. watermaliense and A. Tweed. (Polyschistum). These two are doing the best, 'not great,' indoors.
Oh, I also have A. Crystallinum that looks okay..but Flamingo's should go in the trash..lol. They look terrible.
Think I need to repot in different soil, but don't know which type.

LOL, on the floor myth.

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I haven't spoken with my Aunt Lisa since the wake. She's supposed to contact my aunt Mary about the funeral details and the church services - and the info will get passed along so that we all know.

I wrote up a eulogy already and will present it at the funeral, upon Aunt Lisa's request. I think most of my family believe I'm the outspoken, extroverted type. I perform really well, when necessary; these talents are not replicated in the rest of my cousins. But truth be told, I'm more of a comedian than an orator.

I'm not the most 'family' oriented person. I only live an hour away from most of my family yet, don't see anyone regularly. My mom tells me to go, and I go - "stand in for the family" ... "yes mom"

We set our lives around the day to day, and don't make the time, until it's to late (sad to say).

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Oh yes! Boy can my cat whisper when need be! lol. By the way, he also huffs and puffs!

Toni, you are soooo right! I have been very selfish these days and quite self gratifying myself these days.lol

I have bought about 7 new plants and all fragrant! I had no idea there were so many orchids so fragrant! Hint, hint! I even got an orchid from Puerto Rico in flower! Oh, it smells so nice! Pics to come soon:-)

Rose, what is going on lately? I am so sorry to hear of your Uncle too. I wish you all the best:0-(
You have such a good heart and I respect that about you:-)

Hello Toni, once again you are right!

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Hello All,

Rose...Have you not talked to your aunt because she's depressed, doesn't feel like talking to anyone?

What an assignment! Do you have a large family? Are your relatives all introverts? Is that the reason you were chosen to write, 'and I'm assuming,' narrate the eulogy?

Depending on your family's attitude, adding a joke or two during a eulogy can go either way.
Some people feel wakes/funerals should be a quiet, gloomy occassions, while others throw parties afterwards.

My parents were opposites. My mothers family had absurd beliefs..no tv for a 'year!' No Christmas trees the year a family member passed. Even if there were young children. And many more idiotic ideas.

After the funeral, my father's side went to restaurant. Eating, drinking, talking. They believed the deceased was in a better place, and would want the family to go on with life.

Guess you'll have to figure out what your relatives expect, what they 'want' to hear.

Like you, I'm not really family oriented either.
i love my brothers and sisters, but that's pretty much as far as it goes. As far as I'm concerned, I haven't any family. 'personal reasons.'

Rose, I know it's difficult, but hope your aunt is okay. So sad.
You take care of yourself, too.


You aren't the only one who sinned again, lol.
I ended up going to HD yesterday, afterall.
I too will snap and post pics..none are fragrant, so i'll probably post on the other forum. lol.

Your cat is a snitch..lol. You should punish him severely, by taking away his favorite toy..lol j/k of course.

Mike, there are many many Orchids..so many, you'd need 50x50 green house to over-winter. lol.
One day, 'not this year,' I'd like to find an Orchid w/fragrant flowers, but don't know any offhand.
I don't have many Orchids, you see.

Can't wait to see your pics...Toni

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my family is nothing like yours. No long drawn out mourning practices. We mourn quietly and recover the same way. When my father passed away, I couldn't handle all the sympathy - I moved to Canada for over a year with the idea that if I didn't hear the words, I'd forget sooner. A year passed and one day I woke up thinking ... what brought me here? and, it took a while to come up with the answer - that was when I knew it was time to come home.

Needless to say, I don't handle loss easily. I am always surprised by the traditional aspects of mourning, sending cards - My aunt Mary had to remind me to sign one for Aunt Lisa (it's not something I'd remember on my own because I couldn't stand getting them myself.)

Anyway, back to family dynamics - My uncle William (who just passed) - he was fortunate to have met his wife about 10 years ago. He married late in life and Lisa was the love of his life. He'd always been a very reserved and quiet sort - but, meeting Lisa brought out the best in him. He had been quickly losing most of his family - A brother, a mother, another brother... and having Lisa, a new family really saved him in many ways. It gave him a new lease on life and the few times I saw him - true happiness.

this said, I don't have much of a relationship with Aunt Lisa. I've only met her 4 times (and one of those was the wake). So, I let my Aunt Mary be the contact, who lives closer and knows her better.

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Toni - I ALWAYS have something to say. so, giving a eulogy in a forum like that - would be the same as breathing.

Rare to find me being the silent one sitting in the background... I'm usually up front, center - and raising my hand to speak my mind.

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Rose. I feel the same way you do. I want to forget.
Most of my family think I'm being disrespectful, but they're wrong.

By our mother waiting a year +, before buying a Christmas tree, when there were four young children in the house, 'not counting me..I moved OUT,' was awful.
My youngest brother was less than a year, the second was almost 2, one sister 8, last sister 12.

Anyway, I'm happy your Uncle William found someone to spend time with. A companion.

It's better being extroverted than intro. Writing a eulogy isn't the problem, speaking in front of a large group is..'for me, anyway.'
Everybody's different.

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Oh, It's just family, and friends of family - no reason to be shy at all. I don't have a problem speaking up, regardless. Someone told me once, that I should be on radio. Always a quip, generally an abrasive one. :D I'm not half the angel Mike thinks I am. :) but shhhh... don't tell him. ;)

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Rose, lol. Wish I had your nerve. Family or not, it's very difficult to speak in front of an audience.

Don't know if you've ever seen The Honeymooners w/Jack Gleason??
I watched an episode a while back..he was supposed to be on a tv game show.
In the Honeymooner's show, he's a bus driver.

While on the game show, he was asked his occupation.

He said, 'I brive a dus.' lol. That'd be me.

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I used to love watching that show. It's been a long time since I've even seen it aired on tv.

It doesn't take much nerves to talk when you don't care if you make people laugh. I've dropped a few zingers - I swear I don't have an edit button before I talk - there's no filter - so the strangest things can come out of me. But, when I prepare ahead of time, I can do some reasonably serious speeches, too. :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

You all make me feel so good!!!

Rosey, I am so sorry for your loss. I had my father pass over thanksgiving a few years ago, it was the most different dinner we had even had. Kind of like a get to gether to see if we could some how make it a traditional turkry dinner. Well, guess who was in charge,,, hhmmm, me! I just handled it like my father would have liked eat have fun and leave,!!! Honestly.. he told me on his dying bed that he did want to be cremared and that he didnt want to be a burdrn on us all,, i asked him then what would we do with his remains he looked at me as told ne to tell the crematorium to keep them..AHHHH I was with him at one of his radiation appt and i just looked at my father, smiled and said " dad, i have your power of attorney and what i say goes..right? he agreed... "So i continued to tell him that if he didnt care about his remains himself, then he should think of his kids and how they will feel." I told him that i was going to take his ashes up to NovaScotia to be buried in our family burial plot next to his grandmother,, he says that he didnt want me to go through all of the trouble.. i then turned and faced him eye to eye and said "Dad, if you don't let me do this for you as well as for me and the rest of the family, then i will not cremate you and i will have you dressed as a clown in a coffin for all to see and display you for a long time.." He laughed so hard when i said that and he finally agreed to let me take his ashes up to Truro, NS.

I know he was glad that i put my foot down, they just dont want to be a burden.. but when i offered to do some other things.. he changed his mine.. i was glad.

We had a nice reunion and it gave us some closure.. kind of...

It is hard to loss a family member over the holidays.. so i feel for you Rosey!!

Bless you!!


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Laura, that's a precious memory, to remember him laughing even on his deathbed. And you gave that to him. God bless you for your strength to tell him what's what during that difficult conversation and time.

Holidays are difficult even without deaths in the family. I had been really not enthused this year to do a 'large' friends gathering - and, my Uncle's passing gave me a chance to avoid 50 people in a house, drinking and feasting til all hours of the night. I appreciated being able to see my aunts and cousins and connecting with family instead. Yes, it was a sad occasion, but he died quickly, and happy. No long drawn out sickness, he went at home, falling asleep on the couch in front of the tv. It was peaceful - I can't think of many better ways to go than that.

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Rose...every so often The Honeymooner's are on local/non-cable TV stations, Sunday nights..either channel 23 or 26. The ME station. lol

Laura..so sorry hearing about your loss..Although it's difficult losing people we love anytime of the year, it's harder during the holidays.

Being brought up Catholic, Easter was a special holyday at our house. My father passed away Easter Monday.
My dad loved holidays, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.
He wasn't sick, so his death was unexpected. He went to meet a client downtown Chicago..passed out, and brought to the ER by ambulance. He seemed fine, 'they said,' then had a massive heart attack and that was it.
When the hospital phoned, it was the most devestating call we've ever received.
There were five of us kids, the youngest 6-months old. I was the oldest, 16-years.
To this day, I no longer celebrate Easter. However, when Michael, 'son' was a child, we did the whole Easter bunny, basket and painted eggs Easter-type games.

Three regrets are, my father passing, nobody was at the hospital before he died, and 4 young children, 'not counting myself,' never getting to know/play w/their dad.

It's wonderful you and Rosie had the strength to take over sad times.

Rosey, you're so right. Holidays ARE difficult even without deaths in the family.
My own family are drifting apart..personal reasons. It's sad when I think of buying presents for my siblings, visiting on Christmas Eve, and watching their eyes glow as they opened each gift.

We rarely see each other these days..

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Toni!!!! A little birdie told me that you have not been feeling yourself these days:-(

Just know many are thinking of you and hope to have you back soon:-)

By the way, what's flowering for you this month?
I have not forgotten to take pics. Been sick, but will this weekend and post on Laura's thread...

Missing you


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