'Ruby Queen' doesn't look so hot...HELP!

famous_worldAugust 27, 2004

I have a Globba Winitii 'Ruby Queen' in a pot and it's not doing so well. The flowers are withering away (which is okay) and the the leaves are folding under making them appear very thin. It's plenty moist (too moist?) and sits in the shade among other gingers (some in pots, some in the ground). Is there anything that I can do? Repot? New soil? Rinse roots? I will do anything to save this beautiful ginger.

Thank you!


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bihai(zone 9)

I would plant it out. Its hardy here in Z8. While you have it out of the pot look at the rhizomes for bugs or rot. You may be overwatering. In From Sept-Nov the globbas and zingibers will start to go dormant again.

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