Ammonia In The Garden?

joyful_garden(9b-St. Cloud)May 4, 2008

OK. Searching through posts, I found one by someone who said to keep rabbits away, just put ammonia around your garden. Has anyone tried this and if so, did it work and how often should it be applied? Also, how far outside the edge of the garden should it be to be effective and also not damage the plants? This is a veggie garden so this is a concern as well. Thanks!


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I always used plain old fashioned mothballs! Safer and easier to dispense than liquid ammonia I think. If you want to try the ammonia, I believe the accepted method is to soak some rags in ammonia and then lay them around the edges of the garden. If it's a large garden of course you'll probably have to do more than just the perimeter.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

OOOOH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use moth balls, do not even handle them.If you google the dangers of mothballs you will see why.They should be outlawed.

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Like many things that are sold for use in a garden, including pesticides and fertilizers, mothballs can be hazardous to health. But again, like many of these things, they can be used safely. The exposure limits from using them outside in a garden are extremely low. The main concern about mothballs is that they are reported to look like candy to children, so if you have children or grandchildren around you would want to take additional precautions or decide on some other method.

The same substance used in mothballs is found in many more commonly used household items, include diaper pail deoderizers.

For any chemical - organic or inorganic - the key is to know what you are using and how to use it.

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The smell of mothballs reminds me of my childhood in Jersey.
Our building and everyone of my friends homes smelled of mothballs. That was back in the early 60's. it is so interesting how certain smells can take us back to certain times of our lives. Maybe deers are smarter then we are. Deers
stay away from moth balls but it's fond memories for me. I'm so weird,ain't I? Don't answer that. LOL!

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Just as a precaution, you should know mothballs are deadly to puppies and kittens, who often like to bat them around. I would suggest only using in situations where you know your pets AND children will not be exposed to them, and no birds or wildlife will eat them, either. Hmmm. I guess that means the rabbits, too, huh? Everyone will have to figure out what works best for them, of course, but I think I would worry if I had them in my own garden.

Just something else for you to consider while you are trying to find a solution to the problem.

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My family has never used anything on rabbits but beagles; so I wouldn't know about ammonia - but maybe you could put a short fence around the garden if it's not too big. Lowes has those 50-foot rolls of green mesh fencing pretty cheap, and it's only 2 feet high, so you can step right over it to get in the garden; but it might be enough to keep them out.

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joyful_garden(9b-St. Cloud)

A fence is not an option. My husband thinks it would be an eyesore. He isn't really on board with my gardening. I think once I get some good food from it he'll be more receptive. He's just uptight like that. I have my garden in my side yard and the homeowners association is really uptight as well.

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If you are in an HOA, I would like to discourage you from trying the moth balls because your HOA neighbors might complain about the smell. I know a neighbor in my HOA uses them generously, and although I never complain about the smell, it is very potent and I can just see those nosy HOA neighbors griping about it.

What if you go all out and put up one of those really crafty country-looking painted white miniature picket fences with little bunny and mini scarecrow appliqués here and there? Would that solve your bunny and hubby problem? Or, how about some tasty morsels in a live trap? You could use that on bunny or hubby, your choice, but the bunny sized trap is probably less expensive.

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joyful_garden(9b-St. Cloud)

Maybe I could use the trap on hubby and just keep the bunny as a pet! Hmmm. Well, the whole fence and scarecrow things, would never go. We had to ask for approval on our paint color when we were building our house! They micro manage everything. I wouldn't have this problem if hubby would give me a spot in the back yard. Which by the way, we aren't allowed to have privacy fences either! I am such Florida Cracker white trash in an artsy fartsy natural neighborhood. LOL.

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