Nematanthus: Optimal Flowering

pbunchDecember 27, 2008

So how do you get the standard-brand Nematanthus (goldfish) to bloom heavily? They always seem to have very few flowers for the size of the plant.




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irina_co(z5 CO)

Phil - hi

the plant should be mature, rootbound and have lots of light. You need to let it dry between waterings. My best blooming was in hanging baskets on a sunny window. SO far I didn't grow rare plants - my experience is with N. wettsteinii, nervosus, gregarious and their hybrids.

Low light and enough water create a beautiful foliage plant - but no bloom.


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gregsytch(z9b Tampa Bay)

They definitely appreciate brighter light. Feed all year as they never rest....try 15-30-15 OR 10-50-10...notice the high middle number? fyi I've grown Nematanthus for years here in Tampa Bay, and a few times they were left out in our light freezes. No problem. They took brief dips to the 20's. My plants all bloom better in winter than summer, and I am guessing it is the cooler weather. Gre in New Port Richey

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