Hedychium ID

kabby_z8August 17, 2006

Several yrs ago, I bought a plant called 'Red V' on ebay. This is what bloomed and as with Aloha Tropicals there was no response to my emails. I thought it was Pink Flame but after carefully scrutinizing Liz's photo of PF I can see that it doesn't match.(Liz GREAT photo album BTW!! I enjoyed it!) So if you grow this or you think that you might have a similar hybrid please chime in!

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birdlady_liz(z9a cntrl Fla)

Hi Kabby,
thank you ma'am. It does look like Pink Flame, my Pink Flame are some of the least vigorous growers, how about yours? Nothing at all like Tom's Pink V. Maybe in my photos the color looked a little different? did you get it from Andy (aloha)? I love some of the names some of the people on ebay give their gingers. I go to great lengths to make sure everything is correct and then you have someone on there calling Curcuma 'Purple Prince' now get this... (and this is how they spelled it too) Perple Rain...lol
but that's another topic... my ginger pet peeves...
I'm really glad you liked the pics.

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Liz I feel the same way I want to sell the correctly named plant. No I actually didn't get this one from Andy, I don't know that he sells on ebay. Mine grow well as in dividing but the canes are small not robust and they don't get much taller than 4 ft. They are in full sun(as most of my hedys are) get plenty of water but I think the monster flavescens that's next to it sucks up all the fertilizer!
I bought the "Hardy Gingers" book after reading about it on one of Dave's auctions. It says about Pink Flame, "The labellum is circular, notched at the tip." This fits your picture and Dave's. I copied one of your pictures to compare, it's dead on to the description regarding characteristics.

I have a inflo that will soon bloom, I'm going to watch it closely and maybe take more photos. Actually I think it looks kinda like the photo on Samsheri on the front of the book!

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GAAlan(z7b(on map) 8(imby) Atlanta)

I have Pink Flame too, and your plant does look very much like it. It bugs me when I have a plant and don't know the name. I ordered H. spicatum 'White Wings' from Stokes Tropicals years ago. The first time it bloomed it was apparent I had been sent the wrong plant. The plant has small non-fragrant, dark orange flowers, and is my earliest blooming Hedychium, but I have no idea what it is!! Hope you find out what you have.

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Thanks Liz and Alan, it very well may be Pink Flame. I appreciate the input.

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birdlady_liz(z9a cntrl Fla)

You're quite welcome ma'am. By your height, growth habit and photo I would say you have Pink Flame.
Question for you Kabby, how do you upload a pictue with your response?
Stokes is known for sending the wrong things I think as much as Aloha. They sent what was supposed to be Alpinia galanga to one of the tissue culture labs and what was sold for several years as galanga was actually nutans narrow leaf. The only reason the lab now has galanga is because they bought one from me..lol I had to tell them what they actually had, but they immediately removed galanga from their sales list until they get some out of the lab from the mother plant.

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Liz we're talking about your photo right? If I can remember correctly I right clicked on your picture in the album and then clicked on "save picture as." It then went to "My Pictures." I then uploaded to Picturetrail.
Interesting story about Stokes, I thought that they were doing better. I'm glad they didn't have anything I needed the last time I looked.

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