Ever thought of adding chickens to your garden?

WyldeCenterJanuary 9, 2013

Eggstra Eggstra! Read all about it!
Brace yourself for the most anticipated chicken event of the year � Chicks in the City � a full day of classes and demonstrations on urban poultry-keeping. Taught by local experts, in five sessions you will know the ins and outs of starting and maintaining your own flock. With lectures on breeds, the best coop for your space, chicken health and wellness � and more � you will be prepared to care for chickens or improve your chicken keeping experience.
With urban farming on the rise as well as concerns about where our food comes from, this timely full day of workshops will engage and enlighten both the committed "locavore" and curious alike. The Chicks in the City Symposium equips guests with all the resources needed to start an urban flock.
Don�t be a chicken � join us this year and get that backyard flock started. After the Symposium, you will have the poise and confidence to join the ranks of urban chicken keepers across America. And in the process, you will reconnect with the food system, just the way Mother Nature intended!
In an eggshell, the Chicks in the City Symposium will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 2 and be held at the Oakhurst Church, 630 East Lake Drive, Decatur, GA. Cost is just $50 for Wylde Center Members, $60 for Non-Members. Sign up quickly � registration limited to the first 150 registrants and tickets always fly fast! To register, visit the Chicks in the City page at wyldecenter.org.
Contact Laurin (Lsephos@emory.edu) with any questions.
About the Wylde Center
Founded in 1997, and located on two acres at the corner of McDonough and Oakview in the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur, the Oakhurst Community Garden Project works to preserve community greenspace and cultivate the next generation of environmental stewards. We engage people of all ages to take charge of their own health and environment through hands-on gardening and outdoor education programs. Our classes, events, and volunteer projects also offer community members opportunities to enhance their own green spaces and sustainable living skills. For more information, please visit wyldecenter.org.

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Chicken really helpful to remove germs and harmful bacteria from your garden area. And placing them really helpful if you would like awesome look to your garden.

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