White Butterfly Ginger

wendybird13August 10, 2013

I am driving myself crazy with these plants !! I first planted near my 8ft tall gingers so they would have some shade- they didn't like it there. I moved them 2 months ago in front of my wooden fence which faces north yet receives mid morning- afternoon sun and stopped watering them so much and they were doing great. Now they look like this- curling leaves some are brown some are yellow. Over watering or under watering? Too much sun? I have read numerous articles some say a lot of water some say not. HELP !!!!!! Also recommendations for a good Ginger fertilizer please:)

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Would be a good idea to dig down and check the roots. The yellowing suggests over watering. The main thing is not so much the amount of water but whether it drains away. Soggy anaerobic soil isn't good for them.

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These plants hate wet feet...but need moist soil & well drained, they need sun but look better in partial sun/shade....curling leaves mean too much sun, burnt/browning leaves too much sun also, yellowing leaves too much water so it is going to be finding the right combination of all....during the cooler months they will go to sleep and die back and return in the Spring. These plants are beautiful and fragrant and well worth the trouble...just do not get too frustrated and keep working at it. "SMILE" did I tell you grasshoppers love the leaves....sorry

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