FRAGRANT Magnolia for Zone 6B?

rickl144(6b)November 25, 2008

I would like to get a tree (not shrub) Magnolia that will grow in zone 6B without getting nipped in the bud by frosts most years. What would you all recommend? Fragance is key. It would need to be currently available in commerce, of course. I have already heard some good things about Magnolia x "Daybreak," but would like to have some other options to consider. Thanks for your thoughts!


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I live in the worst place to even imagine trying a magnolia. In the mountains of Colorado. We have severe very late frosts, temps to -15F, winds over 60 mph, and dry alkaline soil. But my sweetbay magnolia plugs along happily each year, and brings a smaller version of that lemony southern magnolia smell to the Rockies. It blooms off and on all summer, too. The evergreen leaves do burn in winter, but that is only because they are silly enough to try to hang on all winter long.

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Like Erika said, one way to avoid frosts is going with a summer blooming native magnolia like sweetbay (m. virginiana) or bull bay (m. grandifolia), both have cultivars that would do fine in 6b. Ashe's magnolia is another rare native with big leaves and fragrant flowers.

Other late blooming mags include x soulangiana hybrids like Verbanica and Big Pink,
x. loebnerii hybrid Leonard Messell is a tough, good bloomer, but I've smelled some that are not so fragrant.

If you're looking for smaller trees, the 'Little Girl' series from the USDA get high marks, but I don't find the fragrance all that great.

Other good late blooming fragrant hybrids include Hattie Carthan, Porcelain Dove, and probably some others I'm forgetting -- there's a magnolia for almost everything!


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