Has any one ever heard of a Tabernae Dwf Jasmine?

meyermike_1micha(5)November 6, 2008

I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of the plant and especially...How to care for it? Do I treat it like a gardenia? It's funny, the leaves on this small bush and the stems look like a gardenia, and yet the flowers look like Jasmine. The flowers are bigger than usual. Ok, I gave in and bought another plant at the nursery! It is so beautiful, unique, and I never saw one of these before. But there was no care instructions that came with it. Just a tag.

I know to spray for insect!!! Other than that, I have no idea how to care for it. Please, if anyone knows, let me know. Thanks so much!!!

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The full name is tabernaemontana divericata, aka "Cape Jasmine," but I've never heard it called a dwarf jasmine, it's usually 4-6' high in a container.

The good news is that its much easier to grow than gardenia species, the bad is that the fragrance is nothing like as strong as a gardenia, either. It likes at least a few hours of direct sun a day, up to full sun but be careful of midday sun in summer, it may burn the leaves. Let it dry out only slightly between watering, and it likes acidic soil, so extra peat moss and a light dose of fertilizer for acid-loving plants helps too.

It blooms on new growth, so don't prune it too hard, but leggy stems can be cut back to force growth to branch and create more leads. It tends to get mealybugs in winter, so a fan or other means of getting some air movement helps, as does spraying. Hope this helps, it's a great houseplant if you can give it the right conditions!


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Why thanks alot!!
Your right...It did have mealybugs, so i returned it wanting to have no pest problem brought in from anyone else this year.

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Ohhh, I have a baby Taber; hope it doesn't acquire mealy..that's one insect I cannot rid.

Mike, ever hear of Sweet Olive? It's not a true olive..you might enjoy one. Check it out..Flowers are small, but fragrant..
As for Jasmines, try Maid of Orleans..They bloom year round, and scent up the house.
It's a bush, not vine.
They sell Maids at www.accentsforhomeandgarden.com I think they're 4.99 or 5.99, good sized plants. The come in 4" pots. I bought two, (4-5 yrs ago) potted together, to make compact. The flower scent is strong, and seem to be everblooming, with good light. Toni

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